(and occasional banjo plunker)

" To me, music is magical.

It can heal the body, heal the soul, and give us hope.

It can open our hearts to love.

It can bring our good memories back to life .

When my show can touch even just one person in my audience in this magical way ...


Although born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, Kathy now calls Whitefish, Montana her home. She fell in love with Whitefish, a little mountain resort town in northwest Montana in the 1970s while traveling and singing in show lounges all over the United States.

Her professional musical career began in college at the University of Oregon when she was part of a folk music quintet called the GREEK SINGERS. After college, she traveled the U.S. and Canada for 10 years sharing the bill as a lead singer with one of the top show lounge music/comedy duos of the time called KEEL & SULLIVAN. The duo performed in supper clubs, show lounges and military bases in 30 states, and Canada.

In the late 1970s the act of KEEL &SULLIVAN retired and Kathy made her permanent move to Whitefish. She continued to sing and strum her guitar as a ‘single’ act at the area ski resort, Big Mountain, now known as Whitefish Mountain Resort, in local clubs and restaurants, and in over 400 schools,juvenile detention facilities and juvenile prisons all over the U.S.

In 1981, as an effort to get off ‘the road’ she tookup photography as a second profession and created a business called MOUNTAIN PHOTOGRAPHY . Presently, she is very much involved in both professions and feels she has the best of all worlds making a living at both of her passions.

For the past 9 years she has turned the primary direction of her musical career away from performing in show lounges, now focusing on singing and playing her guitar at dude/guest ranches, country clubs, resorts, private parties, house concerts and for our senior citizens in retirement communities all over the western states.

Accompanying herself on the guitar, Kathy’s show is comprised of songs that range from the ‘Gay 90s’ (of the 1890s J) up to the present. The genre of her music is a total mixed bag to include country western, show tunes, classic old standards, light rock & pop, folk music, kids songs and more.

Just plain having fun and lots of interaction with her audience is the main ingredient for her performance. In keeping with her performing tradition, she loves to get her audience involved in singing along and laughing! Often she will even talk some members of the audience into coming up in front of everyone to help out with a song.

When asked to describe herself Kathy will say ‘In my heart I am the absolute happiest when I am singing, playing my guitar and making others happy as well !’ Her love for music, and for people, is infectious and her show is a favorite wherever she performs.

* * *